COMING SOON to the Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, PS5, and PC!

Bumper Stars is a racing party brawler. Fusing the gameplay of the Mario Kart and Smash Bros. Series, adding head to head brawling action to the racing genre. 2-4 Adorable animals boost, smash and bash their way through 12 space-themed courses in the ultimate Rocket-Powered Racing League!

Single-Screen Action

Unlike most racing games, Bumper Stars pits players against each other all on one screen. 

  • Players that fall off the screen get respawned at the next checkpoint.

  • Players lose a point for dying, gain a point for killing.

  • Players get right back into the action!

Combat Racing

Bumper Stars is a racing game at heart but it's not all about the racing. Players must avoid a myriad of obstacles while trying to smash other players into asteroids, machines and the void of space!

  • Check players into obstacles

  • Navigate through complex race tracks filled with asteroid belts, machines, mines, lasers and a whole whack of obstacles.

  • Use items to attack players or defend against attack!

Space Tracks

Play through 12 different courses with a full array of race customizations!

  • Race through an Asteroid Mine, Star Forest, amidst a Galactic Battle and Space Reef!

  • Avoid asteroids, machines, lasers, creatures and plant life. 

  • Utilize ramps, bouncers, boosters and other track items to get a leg up on other players. 

  • Obstacles, items placement, and other track elements are randomly placed to allow for unique playthroughs

Beast Wars

Players will have the choice to pick between 8 different adorable animals equipped in mighty mech suits!

  • Play as various animals, real and alien!

  • Launch your cute animal out of their suit to get a final boost of speed at the end of a race.

  • Pick colors and patterns to customize your racer!

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